No Guns Fired

A lot of people like guns in America. Yes there is the old adage a gun in the hands of a good man is no harm. But what defines a good man or woman to that matter. Is such a “person” still not prone to rash decisions, fits on temper, poor judgement, especially in the dark during the dead of night. People say they need guns to protect their homes and families from the “bad” people. The “bad people are usually armed so the odds are stacked in favor of them.

Due to our constitution it is every Americas right to arm themselves in their own homes and protect their property and family. But should we wait to the people get inside or take measures to prevent and discourage them?

So what is the best way to stop thieves breaking into your premises? First up we are not owls people. Never shroud the exterior of your house in darkness. You are leaving too many covering spots for a criminal to hid in. Creatures of the night move in the shadows so eliminate them. A night light with a low emitting power source like LED or carbon bulbs will cost virtually a few cents to run on power each night.
You can also get sensor lights which are triggered by motion. Statistics show that a well lit up house is less prone to a break in. CCTV systems with night vision are also awesome. Displays signs in your windows so when someone gets up close to your house they know they are being watched.

A CCTV system goes hand in hand with an alarm system. Get one with an anti-cut dual network system. That way the alrm will sound and keep working via the GSM cell network if the power line gets cut.

On a simpler level close your drapes and do not let anyone have a vantage point or sneak peek of your homes contents. If you have a dog this is a fantastic security guard and deterrent to any would-be criminals. Make sure you display a big old nasty sign and stickers around your property.

Never leave ladders or garages with tools opened around your property. Make sure all your windows are closed and locked. Use deadbolts or an electronic keypad on your front and back doors. Do not leave the keys in the locks of either your doors or windows.

Finally you should try and maintain equilibrium between you and the neighbors so you can both look after each others houses.

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