Best Tips in Maintaining Your Swimming Pool During Winter

swimming-pool-731886__180Winter is the low seasons when the weather is not conducive
because of coldness, during this time there is fall of snow and
sometimes heavy rainfall.

Best ways of keeping your swimming pool safe:

You should skim the swimming pool on the onset of the winter
season by getting rid of anything that is in the pool, such as
insects, leaves and any other substances that might have fallen
in the pool for proper winter preparation.

Ensure your swimming pool is covered to prevent heavy rains,
wind and snow from the pool because they can destroy it, get rid
of the debris and all the leaves that have fallen on top of the pool
cover to ensure free circulation of air.

If your swimming pool turns green or there is any growth of the
algae, you should use chlorine dose on the pool to get ride of it,
ensure there is correct amount of chlorine in the pool always,
and if the amount of running water into the pool has upset the
chemicals or the level amount of the chlorine in the pool, replace
with algaecide in order to keep away any growth of the algae in
the pool.

Ensure all the pool’s equipments are under inspection to prevent
them from tear and wear, and these equipment are;- heater, pool
pump, filter and pool cover and should be maintained regularly.

Clean your swimming pool regularly by, scrubbing the walls and
the bottom of the swimming pool to get rid of any growth of the
algae, remove any dirt, leaves, branches and any other un wanted
dirt from the pool and ensure the PH of the chlorine is maintained.

You should maintain regular circulation of clean water in the pool
to keep it free from contamination or bacteria, algae growth and
mosquito breeding that can bite and cause disease to human being.

Ensure the pool heater is in good condition for proper regulation of
the swimming pool water temperature so that, it can be conducive
during swimming activities.

You should take care of the pool’s filtration equipments by adjusting
filter timer in order, to work for about 3 to 4 hours daily.

You should use the air pillows to keep away any ice expansion in above
the ground poles, also inflate air pillows with shop vacuum by joining down
at the middle of the swimming pool. Finally but not the least, blow out the
lines and add swimming pool antifreeze in order, to ensure that, the remaining
water in the pool is free from becoming ice or freezing.


The above tips for swimming pool maintenance are the best, if you want to achieve
the desirable results of your pool during winter seasons and I promise you that, if you
follow them all your worries will be solved.